If you haven’t yet heard James and the Ultrasounds, or seen them live…Do yourself a favor and strap in…

Brash, yet thoughtful with unpredictable guitars and pummeling, yet danceable, Memphis-Style rhythm. The band is the brainchild of James Godwin, a native Memphian and long-standing face in the Memphis music scene.

Backed by a rotating cast of some of Memphis’ finest, Godwin & Co. take you on a ride that blends Garage, Soul, Punk, Surf, Country and good ol’ Memphis Rock and Roll.

On the heels of successful tours in the U.S. and Europe behind their debut Madjack Records LP “Bad To Be Here,” as well as releases on Memphis-centric 7” label Misspent Records, James and The Ultrasounds find themselves poised as one of the breakout acts from the Southeast.

The LATEST LP on Madjack records, 2018’s “None OF The Above” serves as a new testament to the band’s prowess, as well as Godwin’s validity as a songwriter. The latest 45 on Misspent Records, “I Get The Shakes” b/w “Apocalyptic Love” highlights Godwin’s early roots as a 4track/lo-fi enthusiast.